09 September 2008

Cooling off.

I just made some cold peanut noodles with ginger and lime and some very hot baby okra. Hot even for a heat-loving vegetarian such as myself (according to my friend Gabe, vegetarians love hot sauce because it makes our food edible.) These photos of Rachel Feinstein and John Currin are so, so wonderfully cool and kooky and refreshing and continue to convince me that they are straight out of the world of Peggy Guggenheim, Jackson Pollock, Diego and Frida, et al. Along with Isabel and Ruben Toledo, they are caped crusaders, modern day champions of old-fashioned, elusive matrimonial bliss.

(1st image from style.com, 2nd from The Telegraph)


Paul Pincus said...

they're amazing! did you purchase the recently published monograph on rachel feinstein? it's gorgeous!


jezebel said...

I haven't - I'll have to go to Spoonbill and Sugartown to check it out (and to visit their resident fat cats.)