15 September 2008

Doors to forgotten worlds.

After an evening of serious Brooklyn stoop sitting, I headed up to Beacon to spend the day with dear friends of the oldest variety.  We ate a delicious Polish lunch and topped it off with orange-coconut popsicles.   I loaded my car up with a bounty of riches from my dear boys, including an Eames lounger, a writing desk, and 2 cut crystal lamps.  Before heading back to Brooklyn, we went over to a house on a stream that feeds into the Hudson for a barbeque.  We were given a tour of the house, which was amazing, not the least for the doors and hardware that came from an opera house...in Bushwick!  Who knew?  At first, it all seemed very Fitzcarraldo to me, but then the owner of said doors and said house explained that with the influx of beer breweries in 1800s Bushwick, came opera.  A ha!  Or shall I say, brava!


porter hovey said...

Ohhh! Sounds like you came how with some great stuff!!

jezebel said...

It is an embarrassment of riches. My place still has that Holly Golightly "Oh no, I've been hear about a year feel," but once it's together I'll post photos.