01 December 2008

Ba-humbug. Give me my books.

I'm feeling annoyed and over-saturated. I want to hole up with a stack of books, coffee, Turkish breakfast, and gingersnaps. No magazines, no pictures. Just me, an old lace nightgown, a ratty fur, and all the books I can get my paws on. Looks like Edward Gorey felt the same, though I can't really speak to his desire for Turkish breakfast and lace nightgowns.


sarah said...

have you read violette leduc?
the lady and the little fox fur?
"Paris is a muff when it snows."
s (of banquet)

jezebel said...

How is it possible I haven't?! Right up my alley! I've read Mad in Pursuit, but The Lady and the Little Fur Fox and La Batarde are now top of my must-read list. Thanks truly for the recommendation, Ms. Sarah!