10 March 2010

"Monuments they sway"

I woke up this morning with a perfectly aligned idea for what I was going to share with you this day. I have since forgotten half, which I don't normally do (in this particular aspect of my life) and I've been running up and down the corners of my mind trying to find it.

I've been lurking, looking for a story.

Imagine being found, 47 years later, confronted with a letter you had written and sent to a Castle who had lost its Prince.

“The lights of the prison have gone out now,” wrote Stephen J. Hanrahan, Prisoner 85255, from a federal penitentiary in Atlanta. “In this, the quiet time, I can’t help but feel, that my thoughts and the thoughts of my countrymen will ever reach out to that light on an Arlington hillside for sustenance. How far that little light throws his beam.”

1 comment:

gabe said...

You win for best shout-outs ever.

Both of those letters are heart-breaking and total poetry. Amazing. It doesn't matter what the movie, but when the public reaction to JFK's assisination is dramatized, it always makes me teary.