02 March 2010

Considering, Act II.

Some days, swaggering through is the answer, propelled by a feeling of motion & weightlessness. Other days feel anchored and slackened by the enormity of the most practical & mundane corners of what we do not know. I've been feeling the desire to cut cords and swim off, say goodbye to things that nibble inside of my brain, the things that I now know I am bad at. I wish I studied Art History, I wish I kept better books.

Remember in college, when girls bandied about the idea of moonlighting as nude models? Some girls actually did what others just talked about.


Kate said...

I relate. And I love the last two lines of this post.

Daniel-Halifax said...

I've been having similar thoughts as of late, too. I think it's time to get my scissors.

atakhryst said...

i enjoy your words, work and he workings of your mind. not to mention that this is very true and i thought i was the only one (not the ~only, but a ~rare breed of woman)

jasonwclark said...

Well, I think Jezebel is an ace student, who keeps lovely books. I'm all for moonlight swimmers though, whatever their motivations might be. The unadorned human figure is a most potent and expansive metaphor, perhaps the greatest of all - And there's a vast ocean of psychic healing to be had out there, if only more people would take a dip from time to time.

Here's to the bold and ever beautiful - posterity salutes you!

jezebel said...

Thank you, all of you. Really & truly means so much to this girl.

JWC: I hadn't considered the metaphor of the girl. Thank you, as always, for pointing it out.