15 December 2009

In February, I will go to the ballet

sunrise, 4 a.m., Sweden frm HannahAlexander

The cupboards are bursting and I watched another Bergman film. We are growing up, growing strong, and My Blueberry Nights is waiting on my bedside table.


Madelene said...

I adore you and your work. I think it's wonderful to see such inspiring stationery and prints, even the names of the products are perfect!

Sarah said...

i'm curious as to how you liked Blueberry Nights...I was dissapointed

jezebel said...

Madelene, I'm so pleased you came to visit. I'd like to have some coffee and toast, and show off favorite dresses and books.

Sarah, I'd also like to have some (spiked) coffee and toast, and show off some favorite dresses and books and dogs. Regarding My Blueberry Nights, I was astoundingly disappointed. Some of it must be his transition to English and America, I think- other greats have had flops in second tongues- and the loss of the veil of otherness in his Hong Kong films. But, great art translates and slips under the skin, which Blueberry Nights did not.

lisefife said...

Yes, the stationary is delightful and it makes me absolutely yearn for the sort of life where I seal my correspondence with perfumed wax. Thanks, I kind of like having dreamy yearnings sometimes.