22 December 2009

Good night gorgeous

Yesterday didn't happen entirely how I told you - substitute The Ace Hotel for Lupa, and subtract the Neue. My favorite part of the Ace was Stumptown, and the baked cheese sandwich at the Breslin was a very naughty thing. I spotted Lynn Yaeger at Rizzoli (where I went looking for Davey's book and some Tintins for my little brother) right after I dissuaded my boyfriend from buying some Diptyque for our home. Because really, despite all the lavishness exhibited in this forum, I am a true penny-pincher. And don't even try telling me that one day I won't have pennies left to pinch. Rubbish.


little augury said...

a boyfriend willing to indulge in Diptyque is a treasure-do not dissuade him. happy holidays, GT

Daniel-Halifax said...

I started a conversation once with Lynn Yaeger at the vintage fair. We were both completely flabbergasted.