21 December 2009

Play, away, following the centaurs today

Happily playing vacation today: we're off to the Neue to look and have a coffee at Café Sabarsky, Bergdorf's to dream and scour the 7th floor for a little treasure, and finally, we'll happily howl at Lupa, the she-wolf.



Did you find anything at Bergdorfs? Last time I went, I had such a disheartening experience. A million amazing shoes, all in my size, all on sale... for over 2000.00. I came home empty handed, sadly.

jezebel said...

I found nothing, but I wasn't really looking. I've had grand plans to return for post-holiday sales on 5F, which is mildly affordable at such times. As a rule, I purchase only cosmetics and sale bibelots on floor 7, and I unabashedly use my time there to fuel a fantasy life.