28 September 2009

17, vines

the selby in paris + production model of Picasso's Paris apartment frm Surviving Picasso, up for auction at Christie's (auction discovered via an aesthete's lament)

I bought a not-quite, though almost perfect ivory sequin dress on Saturday, and promptly hacked the sleeves off and doctored the back into something slightly more modern, I think. It was intended to be worn to Rachel's birthday, but I lack the proper massive black shoes to ground down the goddess dress to terra firma. Once I find the proper massive black shoes the dress will be worn, and I will be one step closer to clacking my heels along the streets of Paris, where I have spent only one day. Oh, do you hear the swells of an orchestra of liliputian violins? Only one day in Paris, she said! Too horrible to even speak outloud. Poor, poor Jezebel.


little augury said...

Not to feel bad- Jez, My trips have been one dayers from London. I have tasted the wine but need to get in and stomp the grapes-watch the black shoes.GT

jezebel said...

Genius, GT!