18 September 2009

An open declaration of love and devotion

Garbo in Mata Hari

Turner Classic Movies,

As I will be spending the weekend in a land with cable, I've referenced your schedule. Today's offerings include Mata Hari, Grand Hotel, an impossible to find Swedish documentary on Greta Garbo, Devotion, an hour with Bill Murray and Elvis Mitchell, A Thousand Clowns, and all those delicious inter-programming bits, like Elizabeth Taylor on her lost friend, Montgomery Clift. You, TCM, have been such a good and dear friend, and have taught me so much. I forgive you for those all-Western days; we probably needed a break from each other, anyway. I dream (in black & white) about a time when we can see each other daily. Until then, I remain, yours devoted.



Mon Petit Fantome said...

I do share your love of TCM darling. Sigh...I want nothing more than to go back in time and make Montgomery Clift my husband.

jezebel said...

Chad, you can save him!

Daniel-Halifax said...

oh greta's clothes in mata hari are sent from the Pleiades. enjoy, i best write a letter like this to netflix. they have sent me 'the postman always rings' 'wild strawberries' and 'mad men' all at once!

i don't deserve this