16 September 2009

Wants: nude and purpose

silk chiffon dress, $436 frm pixie market + bedroom frm vogue living australia via pia

I've been getting in my own way, literally and proverbially tripping over my own recently resurrected pointy-toed heels; I am beginning to irritate myself. To extrapolate in a direction both aesthetic and appropriate for this medium, I rediscovered this apartment, which inspired me months ago to take some action. I continue to love the ease, the palette, the drama, but I love more it's open embrace of layers, clutter, tatters, and a sense that it was done impromptu and insistently with what they already possessed. Wondering if I can conjure similar ease, palette, drama after work tonight. Oh, Jezebel. Get it together before you really piss Jezebel off.

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