21 September 2009

Jezebel giveaway vol. 1: She who is chosen

Random.org has worked it's dark magic and chosen CAROLINE as the recipient of the Bittersweets letter ring! One hitch: Caroline, where are you?! Please email me by Wednesday, September 23rd at jezebel@ilovejezebel.com, to claim your golden prize. If dear Caroline has departed to take the cure at Baden-Baden or is sojourning at Jules' Undersea Hotel, I will announce bearer #2, also picked by random.org, on Thursday.

Please do remember that Bittersweets letter rings make delightful gifts for friends, new babies, lovers, oneself! Come see, feel, try Bittersweets at Catbird. Oh, and since I know you all are bursting with vague, unmet jewelry desires, flickering in dreams, yet to be realized, Robin is a custom virtuoso.

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