14 September 2009

Ode to a small thing (not Teepee) vol. 4

After brunch and a visit to the P.S. 321 flea market, we braved Ikea. I secretly wanted to derail the mission and have brunch no. 2 at the soccer fields and then swing by Saipua and Erie Basin, but silent I stayed, and Ikea we did brave. Top of the list was this dish rack. While not particularly picturesque, it function makes me think it quite beautiful. Without any counter space in my kitchen, like most Brooklyn kitchens save the one we dined at last night, the space next to the sink is too sacred to waste on drying dishes.


Renee said...

Very nice. I live in lots of space, but would love this instead of my awful dishdrain. My great grandmother had something like this in her farmhouse.

jezebel said...

I can't stop making eyes at my dish rack. It's that good.