08 October 2009

A nice thing, this you and I

from owls and moths he guards nana, $5 at www.ilovejezebel.com

Dear visitors, I'd like to have each of you over for a cardamom-rose cocktail, and stilton-fig sandwiches. Do not be surprised to find a copy of The Virgin and the Gypsy in your bag when you get home- I put it there.


Anzu said...

Love the sound of the cardamom-rose cocktail. Am definitely going to make it!

Daniel-Halifax said...

OOO OOOO!! i haven't even heard of this DH!

my friend just recommended 'the escaped cock!'

open to cool said...

feeling bit anxious myself today, but a visit (and a dream of a cocktail) has fixed me right up -
will be reading that one too!

jezebel said...

D.H., this D.H. was essential high school reading for me. I just found out they made a movie of it- must watch.