22 October 2009

Paper bag player

I'm feeling a little unsure of what to say this morning, what colors to share. It was a good walk to work yesterday morning- I found a copy of Rebecca, which I've been sorely lacking. It was a good walk home yesterday evening- a small boy, careening wildly down the sidewalk, mastering the art of the bicycle was shouting "You might want to watch out!" to anyone vaguely in his path, as his father huffed behind him, proudly. I had my photo taken yesterday, by a very gracious lady photographer. As she was snapping away I squirmed awfully and my eyes welled with tears. I am truly panic-stricken in front of a camera.

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little augury said...

Rebecca should make you smile & think marled autumnal gold. R-My fav flick as I have stated time and again. Everyone should squirm in the line of the camera's eye- It does not lie-I think there might be something with me that still thinks about that shadow catcher of the soul Indian lore. la