14 October 2009

I Miss You

editing suite on Fårö, photo by Stephen Shore

Will you leave me if this turns into an all Bergman-ode? I hope not. Please don't. I just have so much that I want to talk to you about, and his world has slipped under my fingernails, quietly, distinctly, and it has begun. This time, a glimpse into his private world on Fårö, photographed for us to see before its objects auctioned off, its land dispersed. His children (nine, from six mothers) were allowed to keep but one item from those he left behind (at his behest the most iconic- his writing desk, the magic lamp that inspired him in childhood to become a filmmaker, were sent to auction), value not to exceed $740 (I assume the odd number accounts for krona to dollar exchange rate, though perhaps not.) Bergman engineered it thus: the only shrine to Bergman will be Bergman's own shrine- the cinema, his cinema.

Addendum, a delicious bit:
Bergman was a fan of the Muppets, particularly the out-of-control drummer, Animal, and rarely missed an episode of Sex and the City. “The women are beautiful, and they talk dirty,” he told Linn. “Do you talk that way with your girlfriends?”

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Marisa said...

THANK YOU for all the Bergman posts!