30 October 2009

Floridian coasts

I did something last night I thought I'd never do. We can all do the thing I thought I'd never do together, soon enough. If you want. No pressure. While doing the thing I thought I'd never do, I came across this photo of someone very special to me, doing the thing that he always does do, in a Jezebel t-shirt, which he always does wear, and white jeans, which he rarely does wear.


Kevin said...

New age hippie?

jezebel said...

No age hippie, white-panster.

jasonwclark said...

Heat lightening, and electric kool aid attire -The only way to roll in Florida.

I dig the slaying stance here: toes to the floor, for seminole stealth and precision delivery. Makes total sense. If old Sluefoot just had a loving gal like your man does, I bet he would have played 'good luck' tunes instead :)