27 January 2010

The bracelet from Rome

My best girl is in Big Sur right now and it would be a massive lie to say I'm not in the thumping throes of jade green envy. The early tugs of Cabin Fever crept under the door yesterday, and were encouraged in their impetuous ways by talks of another L.B.'s summer Hudson Valley wedding and the country house they are searching for in Woodstock. I came home, last night, to rose candles blazing, the very same ones I burnt at my birthday last year, which is in April, the 13th actually, which made me think Spring! Persephone! Elysian Fields!, which reminded me of my Cabin Fever. I deftly dealt with Cabin Fever by inciting an argument this morning- an expert move, L.B.. Now, the windows are thrown open, the dishes are clean, the first lady of France is murmuring low, and my mind's eye has wandered into the passenger seat of a Fornasetti Mercedes-Benz 280TE, roaring along a coastal byway.


Allyson Carroll said...

splendid day dreams you've inspired me

jezebel said...

Too pleased to stoke the flames.