02 January 2010

It is 2010, and I thank you, dear visitors

Let us continue to flock together. Let us blast great cries of imagination on shiny horns. Let us be guided by Crescent. Let us wear black dresses to parties if we care to. Long live the messy files.

At the violet hour, the evening hour that strives
Homeward, and brings the sailor home from sea
-The Waste Land, T.S. Eliot


little augury said...

yes lets! and thank you for providing some key links to catch all the nuanced crumbs.happy 10, lalala.

jasonwclark said...

I've been trapped in the wild and net barren hinterlands of the Pacific Northwest for the holidays, so this is a bit late, but Happy New Year All!

I don't know how it went down for everyone else, but here's the overall course I charted 2009, in gender-neutral, hayseed summary:



And 2010, just one day out from shore, but already looking up:



So here's to the new decade! Sure to be more glorious than the last! And thanks especially to Jezebel, for introducing me to so many great new people and cool new digs via the vagabond blog. It really did help, getting out of those last year blues, and into these new year violets. Cheers to you, and all your wonderful friends :)

jasonwclark said...

Oh and one more for the good mood, because it's beautiful, and I'm still amped off meeting cousins from the Blue Ridge region at the family reunion last week :)