05 January 2010

A fine layer of down on your arms

Alexandra Romanov

I met a childhood friend for a glass of wine last night, and we reminisced about people I thought I had forgotten. I began to tell her a story of a dear girl, who I hadn't seen since the 1990s, and she gently interrupted me to let me know that the dear girl from the 1990s died of a brain tumor in February. I am so sorry that we never met for tea 2 years ago, after you asked in your sweet rambling way if I was the same Leigh Batnick. I am the same Leigh Batnick, and I have not forgotten you.


little augury said...

Jezebel this is so tender & lovely, these souls do hear us.

jasonwclark said...

That acid video is so disturbing... poor girl :(
I don't usually go in for Jacobean retribution, but if those guys caught the rack for what they did, it'd still be too merciful. At least her recovery seems to be going well, considering the nightmare she had to endure. Even with the scarring, she's still quite beautiful. I hope they can get her a new millenium reconstruction, so she can model again someday if she wanted to. That would be pretty damn cool for a fashion week comeback.

Also, very sorry to hear about your childhood friend. It's bad enough when things like that happen to grandparents, let alone people you grew up with. Condolences LB, and many fond recollections at the waters of Mnemosyne.

jasonwclark said...

This gal - so cool :)

Be sure to tell your friend she did a great job. I totally teared up while watching the full story.

jezebel said...

Thank you, Gaye and JWC. She was a lovely girl, and I hadn't seen her in a good decade plus, but my heart is with the teenager I knew.