19 January 2010

Even the tiniest room at the Chelsea Hotel is still a room at the Chelsea Hotel

Tonight is a night for rhapsodizing. On 11th Street, Ghost Gamblers deliver songs of the desert and desertion, and on 17th Street, Patti Smith will cast her lately lustrous, "Dracula's daughter" spell.

“We gathered our colored pencils and sheets of paper and drew like wild, feral children into the night, until, exhausted, we fell into bed.” They sound like Hansel and Gretel, living in a state of shared delight, blissfully unaware of what awaited on the path ahead. - frm Janet Maslin's review of Just Kids


east side bride said...

please tell me you are going to see patti.

jezebel said...

Is it wrong that I twittered my response to you? You like the Twitter, no?

I missed Patti for work. My pal Lauren is the publicist for those events and a rather brilliant writer herself- I'm hoping she'll tell tales of the night at laurencerand.com.typepad.com. In the meanwhile, there's many YouTube videos of the event, which is nowhere near the same as that communal moment, but it'll have to do.

Madelene said...

I've been trying to convince my boyfriend that we should stay at the Chelsea when we are in NYC, if just for a night or two. For the fun of roaming the halls, imagining L. Cohen writing on his typewriter etc.

jezebel said...

You really ought to, M. I've been trying to convince my boyfriend to move our little clan to the Chelsea Hotel, one day.