07 January 2010

My castle, my books.

I've got a slim red edition of Camille (The Lady of the Camellias), by Alexandre Dumas, fils, slipped in the side of my capacious leopard print bag.



Wow, what a set!

Anzu said...


jasonwclark said...

My mom was named after Greta in this film :)

Jezebel has great taste in movies!

jezebel said...

JWC: Marguerite or Camille???

jasonwclark said...

Camille “Because I loved that movie.” <3
My grandmother Carmen was herself named after the opera, so I guess she thought to keep it going into the next generation. I like to imagine that I was named for the Ray Harryhausen flick, but never got any confirmation on that one. Wesley, however, was appearantly a minor character in that television show 'Rich Man Poor Man', from the late 70s. I've never seen it, but my mom has assured me that dude was quite the looker at the time. Of course, I'd rather have claimed the Princess Bride for my W, but it didn't come out till I was like six, so no dice there.

Suppose if I ever have a daughter, the pressure will be on to come up with something suitably star-lit, and perhaps alliterated, to ease the burden of this ubiquitous surname. I kind of like Claudette lately, for fancies of the Nile, since Cleopatra is sure to get shot down, and there's already a million Elizabeth Clarks running around. Then again, this is probably one of those many situations, where fathers are better off defering to their wives' wiser councils :)

Here's a memorable little tune for encouraging me to wax on there. Jezebel is the best: