12 January 2010

"Devoted companion to the extreme sacrifice"

Green-eyed Jeanne Hébuterne was the vulpine ideal of all Amedeo Modigliani had been questing for. Two days after he died of meningitis, aged 46, she, aged 21 and 8 months pregnant, walked backwards out of a window. They left behind a small daughter, Jeanne Modigliani, aged 2, to be raised by relatives who scoured the family tree of her bohemian, wild-living begetters. The little girl, who knew not from whence she sprang, grew up a painter, like them, and devoted her life to restoring her mother's artist legacy. Her father's legacy as a painter required no such assistance (his "Portrait of Jeanne Hébuterne" sold for $15.1 million at auction in 1998.)


little augury said...

Jeanne Hebuterne was the Modigliani ideal,tragic story-a lot for a daughter at any age to deal with-it is unfortunate that one act colours the entire life's work of many artists.(or perhaps fortunate-I know not which)

Daniel-Halifax said...

Modigliani hath long been a favorite of mine, yet I never knew the story of Jeanne. Thank you!

jezebel said...

Little A, I think the same. What a legacy.

Moi aussi, D-H, and nor I, til recently, D-H.

Chiara Giardini said...

A little post for a great woman!
Me too, I'm interesting in Jeanne Hébuterne. Visit my blog if you want :-p