10 November 2008

It was the 90s, and I wore vintage Levi's and Eternity.

I once owned these flowered Doc Martens. I loved them so, I couldn't bear to wait for the proper size 8 or 8.5 to arrive, so I allowed my sweet father to buy me the size 9 that was in the store. I wore them with 2 pairs of socks. A girl in Japan now owns my too-big boots; I think that big-footed girls are very charming.

(images frm the new-to-me Cherry Blossom Girl)


[Tara] said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I am also enamored of these flowered D. Marten's...but I was never lucky enough to own them!!

[Tara] said...

Love, love your stationary, btw.

jezebel said...

Why thank you! Very pleased to "meet" you.