10 November 2008

A sense of place/Eudora Welty, revisited.

William Faulkner's desk

Flannery O'Connor's bedroom

Eudora Welty's library

I've been slowly adding the entirety of Jezebel's stationery onto Etsy, just on the off chance that the same people who troll Etsy for treasures aren't visiting www.ilovejezebel.com on a daily basis. I'm sure it couldn't be true, but I wouldn't want to take a chance, so I'm making buying bales of Jezebel wares easy for all parties: eventually the full line will be available on my website and in my Etsy store. This morning while adding daphne swooning in her garden I stumbled across the Susana Graph series of photos, A Sense of Place. I like how clean and orderly her work is, she doesn't obscure the weight of her subjects with a thick sepia tinge of unnecessary nostalgia.

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