13 November 2008

Jezebel holiday cards, for one, and preferably, all.

eliot's ghost treads the phosphorescent snow (letterpress)

the darlings glowed in the violet hour (letterpress)

royal missed the quiet, mirrored museum of childhood

rupert the shy retirer, ate chestnuts and violet crumbles

monkeys made plans on a bench inlaid with rubies and pearls

ada's faded revolutionaries all in gleaming furs

ruby knew the mild, wild luminosity of deep december

Dear Friends-

As regular readers here, I'm sure you had no intention of using anything but Jezebel holiday cards this season. To facilitate, I've gathered together here all Jezebel holiday specific cards, though I'm sure you creatives could make one of our many other cards work for your particular needs. All cards are available at www.ilovejezebel.com, at a reasonable cost of $15 for a box of 7 or $18 for a box of 6 letterpress cards. Sure, you can buy them individually too, but you are all so dear that I'm sure your list of beloveds is very, very long.

yours very truly, Jezebel


gabe said...

These are absolutely beautiful. Most men are not known for sending holiday cards, even men as progressive as me ;). But I may have to change my ways in honor of these gorgeous designs.

Love them! Love Jezebel!

victoria thorne said...

where on earth have i been? spending the holidays with your blog. found home.

jezebel said...

welcome, VT